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Stuffy Nose Home Remedies – Clear your Nasal Congestion

Alert at 2 a.m., can not breathe, can not think except to wish for an easier and more clear manner to breath. Having a stuffy nose is caused usually by nasal swelling caused by inflamed arteries, and less frequently than alone by mucus accumulation. It may be beneficial to know why the congestion is occurring, while numerous home treatments do exist. Nasal congestion is generally a reaction to, because inflammation is the body’s reaction to an irritant:

  • Bacteria or virus, as with influenza or the common cold
  • Mold or fungus, as with sinus infections (which bacteria and viruses can also cause)
  • Seasonal or other allergens
  • Overuse of nasal sprays
Stuffy nose remedies - Nasal congestion

Stuffy nose remedies – Nasal congestion

Attempt the following stuffy nose remedies for clearing stuffy noses and sinus pressure. They work efficiently minus the side effects and expense of drugs that are store-bought.

Homemade Saline Nasal Spray

Stuffy nose remedies are some of the best remedies for alleviating stuffy noses. Don’t spend cash on saline nasal spray. It’s possible for you to make saline nasal spray and you’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of natural ingredients that are a couple.

You’ll want one quarter teaspoon of salt, and one cup of water. To remove impurities, boil common tap water, or use distilled water purchased from the store.

Add the salt, and boil it for about ten minutes, if using tap water. Let it cool completely. Put of salt water into each nostril.

Horseradish Sauce?

Are you looking for home remedies for instant relief? If you have ever experienced a runny nose while eating foods that are spicy, you understand how nasal passages effectively clear.

If you’ve got a stuffy nose, you do not have to dine on a spicy meal so as to clear your sinuses. Attempt a teaspoon or two of horseradish sauce to gain immediate relief.


Nasal passages are opened by placing pressure on the cheekbones in only the right places. To open the left nasal passage, put pressure in the center of the right cheekbone.

This is process of clearing a stuffy nose is especially helpful while attempting to sleep, particularly when you are not able to breath out of one side. Just lie on your own belly, and with your head slightly turned, press your cheekbone against the rear of your hand. Alternate sides to relieve stuffiness and keep nasal passages clear.

How to Relieve a Stuffy Nose with Acupressure

How to relieve a stuffy nose with acupressure ? I got a cold brief easier with a move from the ancient Chinese medicinal technique acupressure you lead two hands. Pregnant women should not use acupressure.

Step 1: – using your index fingers press the areas that the bottom of your cheekbones directly below your pupils called the facial beauty points. They are also believed to be an effective location for toning facial muscles.

Step 2: – place strong pressure on the points and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute to make it more effective Press up toward your eyes as well as in toward your jaw.

Step 3: - repeat several times a day. Did you know Eunos can produce up to three courts have mucus every day there

Home Remedies for Pneumonia – Pneumonia Natural Cure

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection that can result from bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and other microorganisms. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that pneumonia is a common illness that affects millions of Americans every year. Pneumonia, which causes lung inflammation, can be got in many ways. Although you should review your treatment choices with your doctor before taking herbal, herbal remedies have long been used to help treat pneumonia home remedies for pneumonia imageThe most usual symptoms include cough, shaking chills, fever, and shortness of breath. It may also cause other symptoms, like lack of appetite, fatigue, perspiration, nausea and vomiting, a headache, muscle pain, and chest pain when breathing or coughing. Older adults may also experience delirium or confusion.

The appropriate treatment for this particular ailment generally depends upon the kind of the severity of symptoms and pneumonia you might have.

It is particularly crucial that you see a physician if you are having trouble breathing, chest pain, constant fever (102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) or persistent cough. You can attempt some Pneumonia home remedies to the main course as an adjunct, if other symptoms aren’t serious.

Here, in this post you’ll find home remedies for pneumonia in 2014. These home remedies are simple, easy to prepare and easy to follow. You’re getting benefited from these home remedies if followed as instructed below. These treatments can be taken along with your medication give relief from pneumonia symptoms and to enhance your wellbeing.

5 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Pneumonia

1. Additionally, it helps in treating pneumonia. Other herbs for example ginger, fenugreek and black pepper may also be advantageous for your lungs. It is possible to take these herbs in raw or cooked form.

2. Sesame seeds will also be helpful in treating pneumonia. Have daily to expel phlegm in the bronchial tubes.

3. Take one, or 10 ml juice of the fresh ginger or two grams dried ginger powder along with honey two times.

4. Add a teaspoon to a glass of water that is lukewarm. Drink it two or three times a day. This drink has quite soothing effect and alleviates symptoms.

5. Mix with turpentine oil that is warm and apply it on the torso. Lightly massage to get relief from pneumonia.

Morning Sickness Remedies – Causes and Treatment

What Is Morning Sickness?

Morning Sickness remediesMorning Sickness is a harmless but extremely inconvenient malady that changes a great percentage of pregnant girls. It manifests as nausea, and usually happens upon waking up, thus the name.

The level of nausea varies from girl to woman, which range from mild vertigo that can readily be shaken off, to significant vomiting that could be severe enough to warrant hospitalization from dehydration.

Morning sickness lasts well into the third or fourth month of pregnancy, and usually begins in the first month of pregnancy. Depending on severity, morning sickness may sometimes be adequate to demand a leave from work or substantial physical activity for some women during the early stages of pregnancy.

The causes of Morning Sickness?

The first two motives are chemical in nature, having to do with a very high increase in estrogen levels in the blood stream combined with a blood sugar level that is lowered.

Besides the chemical part, nevertheless, is the fact that the uterus of the girl undergoes physical changes to make room for the growing infant, which also alters the stomach and intestines of the pregnant woman. These physical changes join with a heightening of the senses (especially odor!) And changes that additionally accompany childbirth. Changes to motor coordination from the nerves and the heightened sensitivity combine to amplify the feelings generated from the physical changes in the gut area, which also leads to the nausea.

Morning Sickness Using Natural Remedies

Despite the high number of girls who experience morning sickness, there’s no remedy. For those who are suffering, yet, you will find several treatment alternatives, and here are the top morning sickness remedies:

1) Prevent an empty stomach. An empty belly merely exacerbates the effects of nausea. Consequently, eating smaller and noshing regularly, more regular meals is frequently helpful. Some girls eat before getting out of bed each morning to help stave off the worst. Snack on simple to digest foods such as crackers, whole wheat toast, a hot baked potato, cooked pasta, cooked rice, or fruit. Listen to cravings. Occasionally the best way to prevent sickness would be to simply give the body what it needs. Girls frequently have different cravings. Gratifying these cravings may be a successful means of beating nausea.

2) Ginger. Ginger has been found by numerous girls to be a powerful spice in fighting nausea. It may be found in ginger ale, teas, and even specially designed chews or ginger capsules.

3) Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 are available in a lot of sports drinks or can be taken in pill form. Brewer’s yeast capsules carries lots of Vitamin B6. Sprinkle brewers yeast on popcorn and get the benefit of the B6, a double benefit, and the acid consuming advantage of the popcorn.

4) Chewing gum. The simple production of spit can occasionally help check an uneasy belly. Chewing minty chewing gum between meals can be a means of controlling symptoms.

5) Shift vitamin program. During pregnancy, women are counseled to take a prenatal vitamin. While the vital vitamins are crucial to some healthy pregnancy, they can also worsen nausea. By taking the vitamin at nighttime, nausea was decreased by some girls experience during the daytime hours.

6) Sweet, salty, and sour. This combination of flavors may help battle an unsettled stomach. Girls have reported success by sucking on sweet and sour candy and following it up . However, avoid excessive sweet foods as they cause your blood sugar to rapidly rise subsequently come crashing down, activating vomiting and nausea. Avoid excessive salt also good for morning sickness remedies.

7) Avoid greasy foods, or spicy, fried. These generally include butter, margarine, mayonnaise, bacon, gravy, curry, pastries, fried french fries and meats.

8) Pick those with high water content like grapes, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, lettuce, spinach, zucchini and cabbage.

9) If liquids are vomited, suck on ice cubes made from fruit juice or water or attempt some lollipops. Avoid large beverages, and have regular little ones.

I hope you will enjoy for the morning sickness remedies. If you have any questions, please leave comment here.